Enjoying a good whiskey at the end of the day is a luxury we should all be able to afford. That blissful moment of peace as you enjoy our favourite drink is one of the best moments of the day. If you want to be in optimal conditions to make the most out of your whiskey, you need to get a good glass that will guarantee you the best flavor.

Many models of whiskey glasses are available, and most are usually low and wide. While they all tend to share the same design, the reality is that they can be very different from one model to another. Some are made of crystal while others are made of glass; some are taller than others. We have designed this guide to help you find the very best whiskey glass for you.

Key Facts

  • Like wine, whiskey is a living beverage that is affected by its container. This is why it is important to have a good whiskey glass that will get the best taste out of your drink. It will also keep all its nuances intact and oxygenating will be easier.
  • Whiskey glasses should all have a similar wide and low design. While certain glasses are made of glass, most are made from crystal.
  • Some models are specifically designed for tasting: they are tulip-shaped, with narrower mouths and a convex center. These glasses are fashioned to retain aromas, enhancing the flavor of the liquor and allowing you to appreciate all the nuances of the wood.

Ranking: The best whiskey glasses in the market

Here is our list of the very best whiskey glasses available on the Canadian market. As we mentioned previously, each model presents specific characteristics, so take your time to make the right purchase. We hope that this list of products will help you find the most suitable glass for your needs, without going over your budget.

No. 1: Glencairn – Set of 2 whiskey glasses

In all the history of whiskey, never had there been a glass recognized as the whiskey drinking glass. This changed with the advent of Glencairn whiskey glasses. Not only is it the all-time favorite, but it also received the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006 for its design and manufacturing.

It has a capacity of 170 milliliters. You can enjoy your whiskey and any other spirit you want. These glasses are very light thanks to their design, and you can therefore handle them safely. Their appearance is also bold due to their rounded shape. They are durable and you can wash them in the dishwasher without any problems.

No. 2: Paksh Novelty – 7-piece decanter and glass set

Paksh Novelty’s whiskey set isn’t Amazon’s best seller for no reason. Made in Italy, these glasses will provide you with a nice drinking experience, while giving you great value for your money. Customers have enjoyed the stylish design of the glasses, while the glass decanter is a lovely esthetic addition to the set. This is a bang-for-your-buck opportunity you simply can’t miss out on.

No. 3: Spades Glassware – Set of 4 Grip whiskey glasses

This set of 4 crystal glasses by Spades Glassware brings together the superior quality of traditional glass blowing and the sophistication of a modern design. Weighing in at almost 500 grams per unit, these hand-blown glasses are extremely resistant and dishwasher safe. According to users, the unusual yet elegant shape makes the glasses particularly comfortable to hold.

No. 4: Norlan – Set of 2 whiskey glasses

The Norlan whiskey glasses are lightweight glasses, elaborated with the help of Scottish master distiller Jim McEwan. Though more fragile than others on this list, these glasses are tailored for enjoying your whiskey neat, with no addition of ice or other liquids. The double-walled vessel means the heat from your hand doesn’t interfere with the temperature of your drink.

Users reported that these glasses allow you to fully enjoy both the colors and the aromas of your favorite drink. All Norlan glasses are hand-blown, which may lead to some minor imperfections; however, the vast majority of customers have been satisfied with their esthetics.

No. 5: Dragon Glassware – Set of 2 Diamond whiskey glasses

American glassware company Dragon Glassware brings you this unique set of 2 whiskey glasses. Inspired by diamonds, the unusual shape is elegant and designed to make the most out of your whiskey. With a capacity of 300 milliliters, they are ideal for on-the-ricks experience. The glasses reportedly come in a gift box perfect for offering to your loved ones.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about whiskey glasses

We recommend you to know all the characteristics of the various types of whiskey glasses before making your final decision. You should understand the importance of drinking in a glass tailored for your favorite drink. The following section is a list of frequently asked questions from users, and their answers to help you make the right purchase.


The glasses retain the aromas, enhancing the taste of the liquor and allowing you to appreciate the nuances and flavors of the wood. (Source: NejroN: 42273611/ 123rf.com)

What is a whiskey glass exactly?

Whiskey glasses are ideal to keeping the flavor of the drink with their low and wide designs. They oxygenate the drink and preserve its taste intact, therefore enhancing it. These lead-free glasses are usually made of glass or crystal.

The way in which you drink your whiskey also strongly influences the type of glass you’ll need. A traditional whiskey glass will be your weapon of choice if you want to enjoy the drink with all its nuances and textures. On the other hand, the type of glass you’ll want won’t be as important if you plan on mixing whiskey with water or carbonated drinks.

Why is it so important to drink from a whiskey glass?

Whiskey glasses are designed to preserve the drink’s flavor. Whiskey acquires aromas and flavors from the wood of the barrel in which it ages. The only way to truly appreciate all these nuances is with an adequate glass featuring a wide and low design specific to this type of drink. Many of the nuances can get lost otherwise.


Remember never to opt for a whiskey glass made with plastic materials, as this will strongly affect the taste of the drink.

What types of whiskey glasses are available out there?

There is an endless number of whiskey glasses on the market – as many models as designs. However, the different types can be classified according to their design or main function. As we have mentioned, certain whiskey glasses are better for tasting, while others are more elegant and ideal for drinking. Some are also perfect for blending.

How you drink your whiskey will influence your choice among the many types of glasses available. Each glass is designed for a specific use, and you should never drink whiskey in an ordinary glass or a tubular one unless you want to mix it. Here are some useful information on what glass to use:

Type of glass Use
Riedel Ideal for whiskey on the rocks, glass for mixing
Glencairn Good for tasting
Scotch Malt Whisky Society For tasting and degustations
Snifter Concentrates the aroma better and enhances the flavor. They are ideal for savoring whiskey

Why is it recommended to buy whiskey glasses?

Human beings can only identify four types of flavors: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. On the other hand, our smell can identify up to 32 primary aromas, and much of our taste therefore comes from smell. Whiskey glasses are designed to enhance taste through the aroma of the drink.

These glasses are wider so as to boost the oxygenation of your whiskey. This shape helps preserving all the nuances intact for longer, while the glass retains the intense taste of the drink. The list below introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages of whiskey glasses:

  • Luxurious and attractive
  • Enhance the flavor
  • Keep the aromas intact
  • Design thought to avoid spilling
  • Heavy
  • More expensive than standard glasses

How much do whiskey glasses cost?

Although whiskey glasses are generally slightly more expensive than normal glasses, the current whiskey boom has led to the appearance of glasses at more affordable prices. The most expensive models, like the Riedel or the Glencairn, can cost over twenty dollars, while the cheapest models shouldn’t set you back more than ten dollars.

The price will always be representative of the quality of the glasses. In most cases, the low quality glass or crystal from which are made the cheapest glasses tend to be flimsier and break easily.

How should I use my whiskey glass?

We have already mentioned that each whiskey glass is designed for a specific type of use. While you naturally don’t need a guide to use them, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. It is for example never recommended to fill a glass to the top, even if its capacity is 200 ml. To make the most out of your whiskey, you should leave room for the ice and the oxygenation of the drink.


Whiskey glasses are elegant and luxurious. They are very useful and can be washed in the dishwasher. (Source: Igorr: 29949289/ 123rf.com)

How much do whiskey glasses weigh?

The model and type of the glass will influence its weight and measurements. Compact and with a heavy base, these glasses are usually no more than 100 millimetres long and weigh a few grams. While this is less frequent, you can find heavier models. In the end, the final decision is always yours!

Purchase Criteria

Let’s have a look at some aspects you should consider before buying your very own whiskey glass. Understanding these key factors will make it easier for you to make the right purchase. One thing you don’t want is to regret your choice after a few weeks only! These are the criteria you should take into account to choose a quality whiskey glass:

  • Type of glass
  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Weight and design
  • Reviews
  • Materials
  • Personal use

Type of glass

Your choice of glass will also depend on the use you want to make of it. As we have previously mentioned, you should also pay attention to the materials and design. No two liquors are the same, and each has glasses specifically designed for them. The wide variety of models available on the Canadian market can make it difficult for you to choose the right model.

Whiskey glasses often share a standard design: low and wide, with a mouth diameter equal to the full height of the glass. As previously explained, this design helps to oxygenate the drink and lets the liquid move through the glass.


The price of a product is always something we ask ourselves before a purchase. We need to stick to our budget and the pice of what we want to buy is an important factor in our final decision. This is no different for whiskey glasses, which are a luxury product.

While that may be true, the good thing is that they are actually fairly cheap products. Buying a cheap whiskey glass isn’t necessarily going to turn into a bad decision. Even the best brands offer very affordable models, with beautiful designs and quality materials.


If you find a good, cheap model, don’t think twice before buying it. (Source: Gojda: 40976863/ 123rf.com)


The liquid capacity of whiskey glasses can vary from one model to another. This factor will always depend on the manufacturer and the particular model, as well as the thickness of the crystal. Some glasses can look very large, but will in reality have less capacity due to thicker materials.

There is no set or standardized capacity, and each brand works with different sizes, so you’ll find many different ones. The size you go for will always depend on your intended use of the glass.

A small capacity glass will be sufficient if you like drinking your whiskey alone or on the rocks. On the other hand, you’ll have to opt for a larger model if you want to mix your whiskey.


Although some might think that the design is merely decorative, it often influences the price of the product. Some users buy glasses simply for their attractive design, while others investigate every single little detail before buying them. In any case, whiskey glasses are often very striking and elegant.

While all tend to feature refined designs, certain models boast bold, modern appearances. Most whiskey glasses are light and comfortable to hold, although their base tends to be quite heavy due to their manufacturing. This allows them to be more stable and to avoid spilling the drink.


They should be another key factor in your decision-making process. There are tons of information available on the Internet, and it is very easy to know what users think about a product they’ve purchased. We strongly suggest that you pay attention to previous buyers’ opinions before making your choice. Don’t go for a product that has many bad reviews!

These will give you a rough idea of the overall quality of the product. We often buy something that quickly disappoints us because it is not what we expected. Always pay attention to the comments, some will even give you info on technical data, sizes, finishes and materials.

Personal use

You absolutely need a whiskey glass if you want to enjoy the taste of your favorite drink without losing any of its aromas and nuances. Their wide design allows you to move the liquid and oxygenate it, hence gaining more flavor. Many brands offer different models, and you will find whiskey glasses in all sizes and designs.

Some are shaped like tulips, taller and feature narrower mouths. These glasses are specifically designed for whiskey tasting. Their long shape and bulging center allow the aromas to come together, bringing out even more the flavor of the liquor. These models tend to be slightly more expensive.


You should always remember whiskey glasses are designed to enjoy your favourite liquor to the fullest. They are essential if you want to truly savor all the subtle hints, the aromas and the small nuances of the wood. Their remarkable elegance will also add an extra touch of style to your living room.

That being said, don’t forget the criteria we detailed in this last section when buying your whiskey glasses. Many factors are the key to the right purchase: materials, quantities, price, design or even the the use you will make of them. Take a good look at all these aspects before making your choice!

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