Smell and attraction. Not only are they two concepts that are linked in the media in order to try and sell you products. They are two concepts that have gone hand in hand for all of human history. You body odor defines you. They say that people with chemistry between then aren’t even bothered by the smell of each other’s sweat.

When you use cologne it helps you create one of you most defining features. Just as your style of dress defines you, as does the music you listen to, the bars you go to, or the books and magazines you read, a cologne is a feature of you because you choose it according to your tastes.

Key facts

  • Two people with the same cologne are never going to smell exactly the same. Do you know why? Because the PH of your skin and your body temperature will impact how the fragrance smells on you, making it different to the way it smells on others.
  • It is better to try a cologne before buying it, and preferably on your skin. But don’t do it if you’re already wearing another cologne, because it alters the final result.
  • Many psychologists recommend changing your cologne for the occasion, like weekends, or every so often, in order to feel different and adjust your smell to the specific occasion.

Ranking: The best cologne on the market

The market for colognes is infinite. It offers a wide range of smells. But there are certain fragrances that have made a large impact on the public and are seen as more special. There are also ones that have been on the market for years and years which people still haven’t tired of. Below is a selection of colognes to consider:

No. 1: Swiss Army – Eau De Toilette Spray (3.4 Ounces)

This popular cologne from Swiss Army combines both fresh and tangy fragrances. With lavender, sweet spices, and woodsy notes, it gives you a scent that is distinctly masculine. This refreshing Swiss-made fragrance is for that classic smell that lasts all day.

Swiss Army is for the man with impeccable taste. If you are looking for something tried and true, Swiss Army’s scent is hard to beat.

N o. 2: Calvin Klein – ETERNITY for Men Eau de Toilette (30, 50, and 100ml)

One of the most distinctive, refined, and timeless scents on the market, Eternity is sure to make a big impression wherever you are. Described as refreshingly woody and masculine, Eternity combines woods like sandalwood and botanicals like lavender to create a unique scent. Distinctly masculine, with a cool, crisp finish, Eternity is beloved by men all over the world.

One of the most distinctive, refined, and timeless scents on the market, Eternity is sure to make a big impression wherever you are. Described as refreshingly woody and masculine, Eternity combines woods like sandalwood and botanicals like lavender to create a unique scent. Distinctly masculine, with a cool, crisp finish, Eternity is beloved by men all over the world. rosewood, and mandarin are just three of the ingredients that make this a truly enigmatic scent.

No. 3: Versace – Eros Eau de Toilette Spray for Men (3.4 uunces)

Versace Eros is one of the most sought after and popular scents around the world. Something that can be worn daily, and in a wide range of scenarios, Eros is completely versatile. Sweet and salty notes combine to give this cologne a one-of-a-kind scent.

Made of only the finest ingredients, Eros is carefully crafted to make you stand out. Freshness combines with pure masculinity, making this the perfect scent for any man, any time.

No. 4: Lacoste – Essential for Men, Eau de Toilette (125ml)

Lacoste Essential for Men Cologne is as high quality as any other Lacoste product. This fresh and invigorating scent is designed to last all day long. Whether you are at work, or at a get together with friends, Lacoste’s Essential for Men is sure to be a hit.

The bottle comes elegantly engraved with the classic Lacoste insignia, and looks great in any man’s bathroom or wardrobe. The scent is designed to be both calming and fresh, giving you a great, refreshing smell all day long.

No. 5: Burberry – London Men, Eau De Toilette (50ml)

Burberry London for Men Cologne is the ultimate in refined sophistication. This cologne is everything you would expect from a luxury brand like Burberry, and combines smokiness, spiciness, and sweetness in perfect harmony. The elegant bottle comes with the traditional Burberry fabric cover.

Not overly sweet, and not too musky, London for Men is a great balance for every day, and special occasion wear. If you are looking for something refined, and not over the top, London for Men is hard to beat.

Shopping guide: Everything you should know about cologne

Cologne is, for many men, a compliment to their day to day attire. For others, it is something just for special occasions. However you wear it, psychologists have written about how much a man’s smell defines him. To make a purchase, it is nice to like the scent, but also keep in mind how each fragrance makes you feel.

The desire to smell good is not a new one. Alexander the Great, some 2,400 years ago, was already famous for the fragrance he gave off wherever he went. and it’s not just a vain desire. Cologne, or perfume, is defined as an “agreeable smell.” Why not use something that will make your personal space more inviting?


In reality it is uncommon for cologne to cause allergic reactions because regulations on ingredients are quite strict.(Source: Belchonock: 101019701/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cologne?

Psychologists contend that wearing cologne improves self-esteem because knowing you smell good makes you more comfortable in your own skin, and with whomever you are interacting. Furthermore, there are studies which conclude that cologne makes you more attractive in other people’s eyes. Another important aspect is that cologne helps provide you with a sense of identity.

On the other hand, there are some negative aspects, such as the fact that some chemical substances in colognes can cause allergic reactions on your skin. Additionally, if you don’t choose the right scent, or you choose one that is too strong, it can be bothersome to the people around you. There are colognes that are overly sweet, or too intense.

What different smells can be detected in a cologne?

Have you ever asked yourself why, as the day goes on, the fragrance you put on before leaving the house seems to be giving off different smells? It’s simple: every cologne changes the longer you wear it. When the creators of a cologne are creating the essence, different notes are added to produce this very effect. .

That is why you have what experts refer to as “head or exit notes” when speaking about the smells that arise during the first 15 minutes as opposed to those that are felt some two hours after application. The ‘heart notes’, which identity the cologne, often taken up to six hours to emerge. The ‘bottom notes’ are the base of the fragrance.


There are as many price points as there are products on the market (Source: Ayphoto: 41840020/

What is the difference between perfume and cologne?

‘Perfume’ and ‘Eau de toilette’ (the first one is perfume, the second one cologne) are practically the same. The only difference is the concentration of the aromatic essence and the level of concentration of the aromatic oils that determine how long a smell will last. The following list will help you understand better:

  • Cologne: has a low alcohol level and a low concentration of oils (between 2 and 4 %)
  • ‘Eau de Toilette’: is fresh although its alcohol content is higher (between 5 and 12%)
  • Perfume: has n medium intensity and concentration levels (between 12 and 18%).

“Nature is the greatest perfumer of all time” (Olivier Durbano)

What are the olfactory families?

The experts in this area divide fragrances into groups, and you find that each one evokes certain smells and characteristics to those who smell them. That is why you have critics who contend that certain smells are refreshing and convey a sense of nature, light, and subtle elegance. While others claim that leather notes, for example, convey elegance and moderation.

When talking about the woody scents, you have sandalwood, for instance, which conveys a sense of mystery and warmth. Add in amber as a dominant note and they form a specific group that evokes warmth and sensuality. Aquatic scents are fresh and denote cleanliness.


There are products that have been on the market for a long time and still maintain their price because of how popular they are (Source: Vectorpocket: 75530109/

Can cologne be harmful to your skin and health?

The reality is that yes there are colognes that can contain harmful elements, and although legislation has changed dramatically over the years, becoming much more strict (until only recently they were quite lax, increasing the health risk), there is still no global regulation or industry standards.

Furthermore, there are certain substances that are more dangerous than others, and in order to avoid exposure by people with allergies, regulation of these substances is more strict. There is a list of more than 20 substances that must be identified in ingredient lists that has been around for many years.

Which cologne is the best for me?

If you are: Choose these scents:
Serious and reserved Woody scents like sandalwood or patchouli, and eastern scents
Happy and carefree Fruity scents, especially exotic fruits, as well as citrus
Classic and neat Green scents like musk and oak, as well as lavender
Active and energetic Citrus families and hespérides like lime, orange, and grapefruit

What to avoid when choosing a fragrance?

It is always important to keep in mind that each person has a different skin PH, meaning there are different acidities on different skin. Therefore, never choose a fragrance because you have smelled it on a friend and liked it. The end result could be much different for you.

Furthermore, if you are trying a cologne, don’t apply two at the same time, because it will dilute the smell. Also keep in mind, as previously mentioned, that the smells you note in a cologne will change as time passes. Lastly, don’t choose a cologne that you don’t like or disagrees with you simply because it has a brand name.

Purchase criteria

People like to smell good because it makes them feel good and it is pleasant to those around us. It lets people know who you are, and it is nice when the people around you do it as well. That is why when it comes time to purchase your cologne, as you try to choose from among the enormous selection on the market, you should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Types of smells
  • The personality of the person using it
  • Occasion
  • Allergies

Types of smells

Before choosing a cologne to purchase, whether for yourself or to give as a gift, you have to consider the tastes of the person for whom it is intended. In other words, what does this person like? Additionally, you want to think about the occasions the scent is meant for: is it meant for everyday use, or only for special events?

The bottom notes contain the following scents: citrus, fruits, flowers and herbs. With these you should try and decide how they combine with a particular personality, since these scents often evoke characteristics like serenity, happiness, elegance, and ‘good vibes.’

Personality features to consider before buying a cologne

At this point you understand what the principle essences to be found in perfumes and colognes are. Now you are going to find out which personality features complement them. If you are a reserved person, that likes to be in control, go with a woodier fragrance. If you are active and optimistic, choose something with more citrus.

If you’re serious and elegant, look for something that has touches of nutmeg, mint and jasmine. If, on the other hand, you are carefree and relaxed, better to go with something fruity. Whatever you choose, the scent(s) should always be enjoyable and comfortable to wear.

Giorgio ArmaniItalian fashion designer

A well chosen fragrance can end up being a defining characteristic. It is the first thing people perceive when they enter a place, and the last thing you feel when you leave.”

The occasion

It isn’t just your personality traits that help you decide on a cologne, but also the occasions for which you will use it. You have to keep in mind that you don’t dress the same to go to work, as you do when you go out with friends on a Saturday evening. You also go to different events in different states of mind.

In this way, you might consider that woody scents are more appropriate for evenings and for more serious occasions, while during the day and in more relaxed environments, you might opt for something more herbal. In the winter and autumn, sweet smells typically make more sense, while in the summer something with more citrus is better.

Know the rules surrounding allergies and allergens

Health Canada has identified and categorized thousands of ingredients used to create cologne and perfume scents. Given that some of these ingredients can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions, there is a list of substances that must be labelled on any product that uses them.

Although the science has advanced considerably over the years, experts acknowledge that there are still gaps in scientific knowledge surrounding things like which aromatic substances cause allergic reactions in people, and what level of exposure is considered safe for the non-allergic portion of the population.


If you are someone with a lot of allergies, it is recommended  you use products that are 100 percent natural and free of allergens and chemicals.


Part of a man’s introduction to new people is made through the cologne he chooses to wear. The essence he uses can offer certain insight into his personality and likes to the person he is talking to. Cologne isn’t just used for vanity purposes. A pleasant, intriguing smell makes one’s company, and that of other people more enjoyable.

Furthermore, the scents you use can change according to the time of the day, the time of year, or the days of the week. Just as you wouldn’t go to a rock music festival with a suit and tie, choosing the right cologne for each occasion is wise, and makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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