Most people know how great it is to enjoy a beer at home or in the company of friends and family. The problem is that, after a few beers, bottles can end up everywhere, with some of them breaking, or getting in the way. That is why beer dispensers exist: to make life easier.

These products are easy to use when it comes time to pour a beer. You will soon see that there are a wide range of dispensers: some are made for keeping beer at a certain temperature, and others make it easier to pour. So which one is best for you?

Key facts

  • Depending on whether you want it for personal use, or to use with friends, you will need a beer dispenser with a certain capacity.
  • Not all dispensers keep the beer at the same temperature, so if you are just going to have a beer once in a while, it’s best to get one that keeps it cold for a long time
  • One of the best things about these products is that it lets you enjoy a cold beer from the comfort of your home

Ranking: The best beer dispenser on the market

This section will provide you with a list of the 5 best beer dispensers on the market. Additionally, you will find their main features to make your purchase easier. This way it will be easier to choose the best one for you

No. 1: Fizzics – Original Portable Beer System with Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology

With Fizzics original portable beer system, you can enjoy your favourite craft, domestic, or import beer as a draft anywhere you want. There is no separate CO2 or Nitro canister required. This machine runs on 4 aa batteries and there is no power cord necessary.

Beautiful pours, with perfect, creamy foam just like you’d get from a pub or restaurant are what make this device so great. Just put the beer in, pull the tap towards you, and push it back to the top.

No. 2: Fizzics – Waytap Beer Dispenser

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser has been engineered using patented fluid and sound technology to ensure you get  superior aroma, texture, and taste every pour. This is designed to work well with any beer style, giving you a draft feel with your favourite bottled beer. There are no CO2 cartridges required with this dispenser.

Simply insert your beer, pull the tap forward, then back to the top, and you’re ready to go. It is compatible with cans from 12 to 25oz, and the soft base is easy to remove and clean

No. 3: Belwares – Portable Beer Dispenser

Belwares Portable Beer Dispenser is specifically designed to improve the taste and feel of your pint. All it takes is 4 aa batteries, and you get smooth, rich, creamy foam and delicious pours each and every time. Bring that fresh tap taste and feel home when you purchase Belware’s Portable Beer Dispenser.

This product comes with Belware’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This is a great, affordable present for any beer connoisseur in your life, or simply just for yourself.

No. 4: Lamtor – G005-2L 64 Ounce Mini Keg Pressurized Growler

This larger dispenser is good for up to 2 litres of beer. It is small, light, and easy to carry, making it the perfect dispenser to take on the go. Made out of the same steel used in pubs and restaurants, this dispenser is the ultimate in flavour protection. This bigger device does require CO2 cartridges, which are not included.

This dispenser keeps beer vacuum pressurized and absolutely fresh. It makes the perfect gift for friends and family who love a fresh pint from their local restaurant, or pub, but for those days when they don’t want to go out.

No. 5: NutriChef – Pressurized Growler Tap System

For those beer lovers who never want to have another flat craft beer in their lives. NutriChef’s growler will keep your beer fresh and delicious for up to two months. It has an upgraded adjustable regulator to help monitor your PSI to ensure that prefect head on your beer every single pour.

The heavy-duty 128oz stainless steel tank size is considerable, while still fitting comfortably in a home fridge. It requires disposable CO2 cartridges that are not included with the product

Shopping guide: Everything you should know about beer dispensers

It is important to know the main features of a given beer dispenser before purchasing the product. Included below are the most important beer dispenser aspects in the below list to keep you informed. You will also find responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Beer dispensers let you enjoy a delicious beer the right way (Source: Gstockstudio: 24354024/

What is a beer dispenser exactly?

A beer dispenser, also known as a tap, is essentially a machine that allows you to pour a delicious draft beer without having to go to, or be in a bar. It means you get to enjoy a beer at home that feels and tastes like it was made by a professional bartender

This is a great product if you would rather stay at home and enjoy a draft beer with some friends while watching the hockey game. A beer dispenser makes you feel like you’re in a bar, while you’re sitting at home.


Beer is made to be drank from a glass, which is why it makes sense to use a beer dispenser (Source: Nikolaienko: 23776599/

Is a beer dispenser compatible with all brands of beer?

Beer dispensers are compatible with different barrels and beers on the market. There are some made specifically for the Heineken system, which is the pioneer company in this market. The more advanced taps are made to be compatible with a range of systems.

Unless you have a specific brand preference, and you don’t want to use any other brand, it’s better to choose a product that is compatible with a variety of beers and barrels so you can drink different beers. That way you don’t end up with a dispenser that will stop being useful the day a company disappears, or it starts making a different product that doesn’t function with your current dispenser.


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Do all of them have the same cooling system and ability to manage temperature?

The main feature of beer dispensers is that they refrigerate beer. The majority of them maintain the beer at a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius using a convection system that transfers the cold right to the barrel. It can sometimes take up to 12 hours for the beer to be adequately chilled, so it is recommended you get a dispenser that cools beer quicker.

If the initial chilling time is reduced, you will be able to enjoy your beer faster, or be able to change the barrel quicker, always having your beer ready. There are models of dispensers that chill your beer in less time by adding a larger interval to the cooling system.


It’s a great product if you would rather stay at home and drink a cold beer (Source: Georgerudy: 53117662/

Is every beer dispenser equally comfortable?

There are some dispensers that usually have a finish that makes them harder to handle and assemble. While it might seem trivial, this is an important aspect to consider because you are going to be dealing with 6 litre barrels, on top of the two kilogram weight of the dispenser, and convenience and comfort are essential.

Another good idea is to find a tap that has an easy pulling system which allows you more precision when pouring so you end up with a better beer in your glass. The drain and the cleaning system are important for making sure your dispenser is always clean.


There are large dispensers that are ideal for bars and restaurants (Source: Nikolaienko: 23776594/

How long does a beer dispenser keep beers cold?

Another important aspect to keep in mind is how long a dispenser keeps a beer cold. A good dispenser will keep a beer cold for several weeks, depending on the unique features of each dispenser. The majority of dispensers will keep beer cold for between 15 to 30 days, although you can find some that will do so for longer.

The majority of affordable dispensers keep beer cold for a short amount of time, since they use ice. However, they are great for chilling beers fast. If you want to keep beer colder for longer, you need a dispenser that has its own cooling system built-in.


Thanks to beer dispensers you can serve beer the best way possible (Source: Tihonova: 43152333/

What is a beer dispenser made out of?

Few people consider this, but at the end of the day, it is one of the most important aspects. The material is going to have an impact on how cold your dispenser keeps your beer, and how well it maintains the beer’s flavour and composition. If you want an enjoyable drinking experience, keep that in mind.


The best option is to choose one made from aluminum, over one made of plastic. They keep beer better and are more difficult to break, meaning your beer is more safe.

Does every beer dispenser have the same indicators/settings?

The simple answer is no. There are some dispensers that won’t even let you customize the temperature at which you want to keep the beer, or don’t let you know when your beer is cold. Furthermore, some don’t tell you how much beer is left in the barrel. On the other hand, there are ones that provide you with all of that information and more.

It all depends on your budget and your needs. Both of these will determine whether you buy a product with more or less indicators and settings.


Nothing like enjoying a cold, fresh beer (Source: Osorio-Castillo: 97597525/

Does a beer dispenser make a lot of noise?

You should keep in mind your surroundings when placing your beer dispenser, being conscious of the fact that they can emit quite a bit of noise. Sometimes they can be noisy when the beer is being chilled, or when you are pouring the beer because of the mechanism attached to the barrel.


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How do you pour a perfect beer with a beer dispenser?

Fortunately there is a whole ritual to follow to get the perfect beer. The first thing you have to do is moisten the cup or glass with some cold water or a wet cloth. That way they beer slides in easier. After that, you have to open the tap and discard the first spurt of beer.

After, angle the mug or cup at 45 degrees towards the stream of beer. You don’t have to fill the whole glass. Leave around two fingers of free space. Before closing the tap, move the cup into a vertical position. This last part of the process is how you get a nice head on your beer.


There are a variety of portable beer dispensers (Sources: Yakobchuk: 78757994/

You get the head by opening the tap just a quarter. The smooth flow makes the foam creamier and the beer less sated. Now you can start on the second beer, and all from the comfort of your own home.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a beer dispenser?

The following sections will show you the advantages and disadvantages of beer dispensers. They are important to keep in mind when deciding on your product.

  • Cold beer
  • Comfort of your home
  • Storage capacity
  • Volume and temperature indication
  • Less compatibility
  • Noisy

Buying criteria

When it comes time to buy your beer dispenser, it is essential that you take certain factors into consideration. Below are included the most important considerations. These will make sure you make the best purchase and decision possible.

  • Quality
  • Dimensions
  • Pieces
  • Cleaning
  • Expert opinion


If you want a product up to the task, and one that will last, quality is very important. It doesn’t make sense to try and save money by purchasing a cheap product when repairs, or even having to make a whole new purchase, will end up costing you more. It’s better to get a high quality one than a cheap one.


You should keep in mind how much space you have to spare for your beer dispenser before making your purchase. Additionally, you should also consider the aesthetic and the design. These factors will vary based on your taste. Keep in mind that it will likely always be visible, so you should like how it looks.


One of the most important aspects of a home beer dispenser is the pressure mechanism it comes with. It is important that this be as silent as possible, and strong enough to pull the beer with enough pressure. This will determine how the foam comes out into the glass. Better to choose a good one so you pour the perfect beer.


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You should do a full system clean of your beer dispenser every 10 to 15 days, or every time the barrel is replaced. That’s why it’s important to choose one that is easy to disassemble and clean, to ensure a well cleaned product. This way you take care of the minimal health requirements of a beer dispenser.

Expert opinion

Professional bartenders and beer pourers recommend “a beer dispenser that adapts to your needs”, since “it doesn’t make much sense to buy a big one if you’re just using it yourself.” Furthermore, “quality is important if you want a well-functioning product, and want it to last as long as possible”


In summation, beer dispensers are great for people who want to enjoy a nice beer in their own home. They allow you to enjoy a cold draft beer without having to head to a bar, so you and your friends can sit and watch the game with the perfect beer right at home.

One of the best things about a dispenser is being able to enjoy a pub-style beer from the comfort of your couch. If you love having a beer at home, why not make it easy by purchasing a new, affordable home beer dispenser?

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